About Me

Cynthia’s greatest passion and privilege is to help ordinary men and women connect with an extraordinary God through prayer. Leading people into satisfying, two-way, relational, personal conversation with God is the aim of whatever she does, whether as an author, editor, prayer leader, speaker, teacher, mentor, or prayer retreat leader.

The thing people most often say about Cynthia’s communication style is, “She’s one of us! She’s real and she really understands where we’re coming from.” That’s probably because Cynthia did not come out of the chute praying. It was her desperate desire to have a genuinely personal relationship with God—and her years of seeking that—that sets her message apart from many other messages about prayer. You’ll never hear Cynthia putting people on a guilt trip because they don’t pray enough or do it “right.” Instead, you’ll hear her say, “Oh, I really get that! I used to feel that way, too! But let me tell you the cool thing God did that helped me with that!”

Cynthia is the author of three books on prayer: Prayer and the Word of God (Prayer Shop Publishing), Prayer Begins with Relationship, (NavPress), (both are Bible studies) and Come Away with Me: The Pray! Magazine Guide to Prayer Retreats, (NavPress.) Her third Bible study is scheduled for publication in late 2014 through Prayer Shop Publishing.

Cynthia is a section editor for Conversations Journal, and was editor of Pray! magazine (NavPress) until it ceased publication in 2009. She has contributed to a number of books and has written hundreds of magazine articles. Currently Cynthia serves as Editorial Director for Community Bible Study.

Widowed in 2008 after her husband’s long struggle with multiple sclerosis, Cynthia lives with her two cats in Colorado Springs. She is mother to Ian, who lives in Latin America. He motivates her to keep her suitcase packed, as she visits him in warm places like Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

Leading prayer retreats is one of Cynthia’s favorite things to do. Consider asking her to lead a retreat, teach, or speak, for your church, prayer team or other ministry.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lewis Turner says:

    Glad to see you back and sharing about prayer–and encouraging people to have a relationship with our Lord. —

    Lewis Turner

  2. Joseph Winger says:

    Hello, Cynthia. I read some of your posts. Great insights! I am grateful to see you connecting people with our amazing Father. Grace to you!

    • cbezek says:

      Thanks for the encouragement Joseph! Would love to run into you around town sometime and catch up on what God is doing in your part of the world!

  3. Cynthia, a women’s bible study I am a part of read your article, “But Lord, I’ve Never Taught Children Before!” in the November/December 2012 back issue of Prayer connect. You mentioned that you had written a prayer curriculum for children. Is that available for use by others? I am the children’s ministry coordinator at my church and would like to have a resource to teach our children about prayer.

  4. Hi Cynthia! I found your blog a couple of weeks back. I was really in need of some answers on prayer and how to hear God better and I found one of your posts in search of those answers. I don’t remember what post it was but it really helped me. I got the answers I was needing. I guess God lead me to your blog. Anyway, I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award (http://godsbrainchild.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/the-liebster-award-i-got-nominated/). God bless and thank you. Keep guiding others on prayer and keep preaching God’s word.

  5. Lewis Turner says:

    You once had written an article on Head Prayer- Heart Prayer–Not sure of what link I can use to access it since Nav Press is in transition.

    Is there a way you can provide a link to it?

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