Questions for a New Year

I first posted this piece on New Year’s Day two years ago, in 2014. It’s just as timely now as it was then, so here it is again. 

I spent a good chunk of this morning reflecting with God about the year just past and the new one beginning. I like to start my new year like that. As I ponder the joys and sorrows, the successes and failures, the dreams and disappointments, the prayers answered and still waiting, I gain perspective, direction, and even some wisdom.

This annual pause for reflection is a tradition for me. It always holds surprises and delights as I see areas of growth, moments of grace, and new possibilities. And it helps to bring closure and peace to the places where things didn’t go the way I’d hoped.

I don’t follow any one pattern or procedure. I’m sure there are many ways a person could undertake a year-end reflection like this. But, in case you’d like to try it, here are the questions I took to God this year.

  • What gifts and graces did You share with me in 2013?
  • What prayers did You answer in this past year?
  • What lessons do You want me to take away from 2013?
  • What did You and I accomplish together in this past year?
  • When were You and I closest in 2013?
  • What dreams and desires do You want me to pursue in 2014?
  • Is there anything You want to say to me about my relationships, finances, health, work, or ministry as we start this new year?
  • Are there any areas you want me to focus on in prayer this year?
  • Is there anything new You want me to go after in 2014?
  • How can I grow closer to You in this new year?

Do you have a way you start the new year with God? Tell me about it! I’d like to hear.

2 thoughts on “Questions for a New Year

  1. Jann Coffman says:

    From the Celtic Daily Prayer book from Northumbria Community, I borrow the “first-footing” prayer from Scotland and the northern parts of England. It is considered important who should be the first to cross the threshold and ‘bring in the year’ once midnight has passed. This pray asks Christ Himself to come and “first-foot” for us. The door is opened to welcome Him in and invite His blessing, whether He comes in silence or in the company of other guests.

    This day is a new day
    that has never been before.
    This year is a new year,
    the opening door.

    (open the door)

    Enter, Lord Christ —
    we have joy in Your coming.
    You have given us life;
    and we welcome Your coming.

    I turn now to face You,
    I lift up my eyes.
    Be blessing my face, Lord;
    be blessing my eyes.
    May all my eye looks on
    be blessed and be bright,
    my neighbours, my loved ones
    be blessed in Your sight.

    You have given us life
    and we welcome Your coming.
    Be with us, Lord,
    we have joy, we have joy.
    This year is a new year,
    the opening door.
    Be with us, Lord,
    we have joy, we have joy.

    In this way, Christ is my first visitor for the New Year.

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