Contemplation on a Snowy November Morning


What I saw this morning

I awoke to blustery wind and swirling snow this morning. I’m not a fan of snow and I’m not a fan of winter. So why, you may ask, am I a fan of Colorado? Good question, but it’ll have to wait for another time.

Anyway, as I sat down with my coffee for some time with God, I opened my Bible to Psalm 93. It’s a short psalm of nothing but worship. I noticed with interest that the psalmist used the imagery of the ocean waves to describe and praise God. I pictured him sitting on a rocky cliff overlooking the sea as he penned his poetic adorations.

I glanced up from my Bible and out the window. Snow continued to fall. I grudgingly admitted that it was pretty. That’s when I sensed God issuing me a challenge: What can snow, bluster, and cold teach you about Me? He seemed to ask.

My curiosity duly stimulated, I tossed the question back to Him. “I don’t know, Lord, but I’d like to. So, please tell me: What can snow teach me about You, God?” Then I grabbed my journal and started writing.

I decorate the world with frivolous beauty, He seemed to whisper. My beauty is a big as the mountains and as small as the tiniest snowflake. Look closely, My beauty is everywhere!

My snow showers come to you as rest in disguise. They invite you to slow down as they blanket the earth in quiet. Snow interrupts your routine so that you will stop and look and see. I’m not only good, holy, and powerful, but also that I am beautiful.

The blustery winds that sometimes come with snow let you not only see My majesty, but also hear it. Don’t you feel My presence as you hear the wind howl and contemplate the treasures of My winter storehouses? I am more powerful than the wind, and I move wherever I please. You cannot predict where I will show up, although I am always with you.

God continued to talk to me like this, reminding me of how the snow covers dead leaves and dirt like His love covers sin. He reminded me that winter is when animals hibernate and plants go dormant so they can be reinvigorated for a new season of growth. He pointed out that though snow seems inconvenient to me, it has purpose: it waters the earth so that life can flourish.

When I finished listening to Him, my heart was full. It makes me wonder how much more there is to know and appreciate about God by asking Him to reveal Himself through some aspect of nature. It’s not something I’ve often practiced, but I think I’d like to start! I’m glad He brought it up!


2 thoughts on “Contemplation on a Snowy November Morning

  1. Bob Yates says:

    Great perspective on God and winter weather. Though about the needed moisture while shoveling our driveway. 🙂

  2. Judy Niednagel says:

    Surely God is blessed by your seeing and sharing what the snow shows you about Him! And your readers are blessed to be able to join you in seeing and praising Him! So God is blessed again! Thanks Cynthia!

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