Prayers for Things We Don’t Usually Pray For

Do you live with criticism? Do you find it hard to stay spiritually alert? Do you feel like you need God to reform your identity?

I can relate to all of those needs—and yet, until I “met” Christine Wyrtzen, I never really heard anyone put those needs into powerful, specific prayers.

Wyrtzen, a singer, author, and radio show host (“Daughters of Promise”) has been blogging recently with specialized prayers concerning the things I just mentioned, and quite a few others.

Here are a few of the titles of her recent posts:

Prayer for Grace, Even Deliverance

Prayer for Staying Alert

Prayer for Dissipating Faith

Prayer for the Future

Prayer to Reform My Identity

Prayer for Your Children’s School

Prayer to Discern What Is Hidden

Prayer for the One Who Lives with Criticism

So instead of sharing my own thoughts with you this week, I decided to introduce you to her. Check out her blog at

I hope she encourages you as much as she has encouraged me!


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