Doggy Dilemma

Until about a few months ago, I don’t think I’d ever prayed a single prayer about a dog. They just don’t usually make it onto my prayer list.

But one of my friends has a dog. A big dog. A loud dog. An enthusiastic dog who, in unrestrained doggy glee, nearly pushes me over whenever I visit.

One time Doggy’s enthusiasm was unusually great and at a time when my moxie was unusually undersupplied. I left somewhat traumatized. Sadly, although I love my friend, I was reticent about returning for another visit.

Several weeks went by. I missed my friend. But I dreaded another encounter with her dog. So I stayed away. And fretted.

Finally, it occurred to me that I could pray about this. God cares about dogs. And He especially cares about relationships. Why wouldn’t He care about the relational challenges I was experiencing with a friend’s beloved pet?

So I laid out the situation before God and asked Him what to do. Rarely do His answers come to me as quickly as this one did: “Dog biscuits.” That’s all I heard, just two words.

“Dog biscuits?” I echoed.

Then His voice came quietly to my heart again. “Why not make friends with the dog?”

His words to me seemed nothing short of brilliant. It had never occurred to me to befriend the dog. But this new perspective caused a huge heart shift. The intimidation drained away and purpose replaced it.

I bought some dog treats and a few days later showed up on my friend’s doorstep. The dog barked like crazy when I rang the bell. But when I offered the treat and told the dog to sit, she obeyed immediately, as if I were her favorite family friend. And the same thing happened the next time I visited.

To all of you dog lovers out there, this all probably seems ridiculously obvious. But hey, I’m a cat person. How am I to know these things? Anyhow, it was revelation to me. And, even more important than the resolution it brought to my dog dilemma, was the joy it gave me to realize how much God cares about and wants to be involved with the everyday details of my life. Even strained relationships with dogs.


2 thoughts on “Doggy Dilemma

  1. Ruth says:

    🙂 Fun!

  2. Kathy Hatfield says:

    I love the simple practicality of this post. It’s lovely…like you!

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