Prayers from Down Under

I was touched last week when I learned that Christians in Australia have committed to a week of prayer and fasting for the United States. God knows we need it! Even more than that, though, Australia has asked other nations to join them in praying for us. Last year they made a similar appeal, and 40 nations joined them. It humbles and heartens me to know that believers in other countries care about our country and what is happening here!

Ordinarily, I try to set aside time to intercede for our nation on America’s National Day of Prayer. But our friends down under will be praying of us a whole week, starting tomorrow, April 30. The week begins on the 152nd anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln’s historic call to repentance during the tragic days of America’s Civil War and ends on the National Day of Prayer, May 7. To learn more about Australia’s prayer initiative, go to:

I can hardly let them pray for a week straight while personally only setting aside time on one day! So I will be asking God how I can join them in praying for my nation, every day. Perhaps it will be specific cities (Baltimore comes to mind). Or events (presidential primaries are gearing up). Or groups of people (the news media are dear to my heart). Or perhaps He will give me a Scripture to pray over our nation. I don’t know. But I’m eager to find out.

What about you? Wouldn’t you like to join Australia and other nations and set aside special time each day this coming week to pray for our nation?

2 thoughts on “Prayers from Down Under

  1. Anne Olson says:

    Last night a group of four woman, of which I am a part, prayed for our nation not knowing anything about “Prayers Form Down Under”.
    The Lord is calling us to join together for our nation.

  2. niednagel says:

    This got my attention! Thanks, Cynthia!

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