Jesus Loves ISIS Members

God gave me an interesting assignment this spring. He asked me to join a prayer initiative with other people around the world who are asking God to bring 1,000 ISIS members to Christ.

That’s a big ask. It feels like one of the biggest asks I’ve ever made, in fact. And yet, after praying for 30 days, my faith has grown. Even though humanly speaking, it’s seems impossible, with God, I know all things are possible. If He could save Saul, the persecutor of the church (Acts 9), then He can save ISIS soldiers and leaders. If He could cause holy fear and trembling to come over Jericho because of His marvelous deeds (Joshua 2), then He can cause holy fear and trembling to come over Mosul or Tikrit.

I used a simple 30-day prayer guide called “Jesus Loves ISIS Members”  (Jesus Loves ISIS) to lead me on this faith-stretching journey. Each day there was Scripture, a prayer theme, some worship songs to sing over ISIS (!) and sometimes a simple activity to do.

I simply followed the guide for each day. Some days I didn’t experience much. Others, I was surprised at the ways God met and encouraged me. A few times I wept while singing the songs over people trapped in darkness. One time God gave me a powerful picture to pray into—a picture of Jesus walking among thousands of robed men who were bowed to the ground in prayer facing Mecca.

About a third of the way into it, within the space of a week, two different people shared two different testimonies with me that gave me goosebumps. God is actually hearing these prayers! People in this target group are encountering Jesus! God is hearing our prayers!

So I invite you to join this prayer effort. We can feel so helpless in the face of horrifying news events. But prayer is more powerful than diplomacy or weapons ever could be. God hears our prayers. They matter. He is able to do more than we ask or imagine. So will you consider joining with me in asking?

4 thoughts on “Jesus Loves ISIS Members

  1. Betty Chapman says:

    I tried both web links and bothI gave the 403 error.

  2. Jann Coffman says:

    Just to let you know…The link to the referenced prayer guide give a 403 error.

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