Journey to the Cross–March 12

“Abide in me as I abide in you. . . . apart from me you can do nothing.” (Jn. 15:4-5, NRSV)

Remain. Stay with. Live in. Make your home in. Greek scholars translate Jesus’ words different ways, but they all give the same general idea: Jesus wants us to stick near to Him and He promises to stick near to us. To practice His presence. Not let Him out of our sight. Not act independently of Him.

Why do you suppose? What are the benefits of doing life with Jesus, of living with Him and letting Him live with you? Ask Him to show you some of these and jot them down. (If you need some hints, read the rest of John 15.)

Now take some time to think about happens when you do life on your own, apart from Him. What do you miss out on?

So, what do you think? Would you like to be more connected with Jesus? If so, here are some ideas for doing that:

  • At the beginning of your day, go over your schedule and do-list with Him. Invite Him to be part of all your plans and to add any plans of His own, as He wishes.
  • Pick a Scripture to memorize (or carry with you on a notecard) and reflect on it throughout your day.
  • Picture Jesus with you at your job, home, or wherever you spend most of your day. As you go about your activities, think about how close He is and how He wants to help, guide, and encourage you.
  • Ask God for help at the beginning of projects and undertakings, big and small.
  • Invite God to speak to you throughout the day, then pay attention to the random thoughts that pass through your mind. That song, person, idea, word, verse, affirmation, or warning may be God speaking to you.
  • When you see something beautiful or something that brings you joy, express your delight to Him.
  • When you are with other people, consciously remember that Jesus is there, too. As you interact, invite God to help you know what to do and say.
  • Before bed, review your day with God. Tell Him what was enjoyable and satisfying, as well as what was hard or discouraging. Consider how He might respond to what you share. As you experiment with these ideas, gradually you will discover what abiding with Jesus can be like—and you’ll wonder how you ever did life any other way.

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