Journey to the Cross–March 10

“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.” (Jn. 16:13, NLT)

We sometimes think of “truth” as a heady topic, best left to seminarians, philosophers, and other intellectual elite. But Jesus says it’s a matter of the spirit, and that it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to guide Christ-followers into it.

Don’t be intimidated by truth. And don’t relegate truth to intellectuals and religious experts. It’s not just an irrelevant, academic subject. Truth is the basis for life and freedom. If you are a follower of Jesus, then the Spirit of truth lives in you. And Jesus promises He will guide you into all truth. You don’t have to fry your brains to know the truth, not when the Spirit of truth lives in you and you listen to Him.

Yesterday you learned about one way to know the truth. Here’s another one you can try.

When you are slammed by unpleasant emotions (anger, depression, confusion, futility, shame, fear, jealousy, etc.) ask the Holy Spirit if there is a lie or half-truth connected with what you are feeling. For example, you might believe that you have to perform to be loved (a lie about yourself). Or that God is distant and too preoccupied to bother with you (a lie about God). When the Spirit reveals a lie, confess it, then ask Him what is true. Ask Him to give you Scripture that confirms that truth. If you need help, get a mature Christian friend to pray with you.

As the Holy Spirit leads you into truth and you embrace that truth, you will experience healing and freedom. That’s Jesus’ promise. That’s one of the wonderful gifts the Spirit of truth brings to us.


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