Journey to the Cross–March 5

The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you of all that I have said to you (Jn. 14:26, NRSV)

Jesus would soon return to heaven, but He repeatedly assured the disciples that He was not leaving them alone. True, He was returning to the Father—but another Teacher—the Holy Spirit— was coming to be with them personally, always and forever! Jesus assured his disciples that all the encouragement, instruction, truths, insights, and compassionate words He had shared with them would not be lost because the Holy Spirit would bring them to their minds again, whenever they needed them.

If you belong to Jesus, this same Teacher, the Holy Spirit, lives in you, too. You didn’t get to hear and witness Jesus’ life and interactions personally, but you have read and heard about them from the Scriptures. And the Holy Spirit takes these promises and truths and reminds you of them all the time.

Have any of these ever happened to you?

  • A worship song or hymn ever spontaneously pops into your head
  • Your heart moves with compassion over a person who’s struggling
  • A Scripture verse comes to mind when you’re trying to make a decision
  • When you’re tempted to make an unhealthy choice, a quiet voice inside nudges you toward something more life-giving
  • You get a wild and creative idea to do a “random act of kindness”

If you’ve experienced any of these, it is likely that you have experienced the Holy Spirit acting in His Teacher and Reminder roles, leading you deeper into the Jesus’ life.

If you’d like to nurture these kinds of experiences, there are some things you can do: First, invite the Holy Spirit to talk to you throughout the day. Ask Him to help you tune into Him and not miss what He wants to say to you.

Next, feed on Jesus’ life and words. When we have His stories and teachings stored away in our hearts and minds, it is much easier for the Holy Spirit to access them at just the right time. If you need a place to start, try reading in the Gospel of Mark.

Finally, when you do hear the Holy Spirit reminding and teaching you about Jesus, make sure to respond to Him. Receive His encouragement, act on His prompts, follow His leading. And thank God for sending this wonderful Teacher to you.


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