Journey to the Cross–February 24

As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it. (Lk. 19:41, NIV)

Sometimes it is hard to understand why the King of kings and Lord of lords would weep over any human situation. He’s sovereign and all-powerful. He created and sustains the universe. Why would anything move Him? Why doesn’t He just make the pain and brokenness go away?

Theologians have long debated that question—but the most simple, honest answer might be, “We really don’t know.” What we do know and would do well to take to heart is that Jesus was moved. He saw and experienced things that broke His heart, things that moved Him to compassion and prayer. And as we seek to become more like Jesus and to represent Jesus well to the world around us, we too, might find our hearts broken from time to time.

What person, situation, city, or nation, breaks your heart? Do you ever weep over it? Tears can be prayer. If you find yourself moved over something, don’t ignore or stuff it. God may be inviting you to weep with Him. So invite God into it and let it become a holy moment of shared sorrow.

What if nothing breaks your heart? It could be that your own heart has been broken and has become calloused in order to protect it from further pain. Ask Jesus to show you His compassion for you—ask Him to heal the brokenness and make your heart tender again.

Or, your heart may be reasonably healthy, but your life busy and preoccupied with other things. In that case, consider praying the prayer that Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision, used to pray: “Lord break my heart with the things that break Your heart.”

In any case, try to take in the astonishing fact that Jesus, very God of very God, wept. He was moved with compassion—for Jerusalem, for the world, for you.



One thought on “Journey to the Cross–February 24

  1. says:

    Hello, Cindy Dear. Just catching up on e-mail. Arrived in Philadelphia yesterday, and am staying with cousin Carol until Sunday. I read yesterday’s post, and loved your comment, “Don’t be outdone by a rock.” It is TOO COLD to do much outside here today, but even the brilliance of the snow is an incredible reminder of His handiwork. And I’m checking out Carol’s display of beautiful, only-God-Could-make-them seashells.

    Speaking of weeping (today’s post) – on the flight yesterday, watched the movie The Good Lie, about the Lost Boys of Sudan. Wept for several hundred miles over the Atlantic. Guess my heart is still there in many ways. Praying He’ll allow us to go back one day soon.

    Thank you for these wonderful posts, and for helping to turn our hearts toward His magnificent love. . . . Sherry


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