How Do I Pray? Let Me Count the Ways!

It goes without saying that God, the Creator, is the most creative and interesting Being in the universe. If He’s the Person we talk to when we pray, why, please tell me why, would prayer ever be boring?

Answer: Because we are boring. We fall into ruts. We find our favorite patterns, postures, and topics for prayer, and we get stuck in them. Creativity takes time, and we don’t always invest ourselves that way.

That’s why several months ago I was excited to discover a blog called “1,000 Ways to Pray: Meeting God in Creative Ways.” In June 2012 its author, Adena Hodges, set out to share one creative prayer idea each week until she reaches 1,000. She has already passed the 100 mark, and shows no signs of letting up.

Her ideas pretty much cover the water front. From “Pin the Tale on the World” (a prayer game for children) to “Road Rage Prayer,” she shows how anyone can pray creatively, at just about any time or any place. She offers ideas taken from ancient Christian traditions (Stations of the Cross, The Prayer of St. Patrick). But she also tells how to use contemporary technology (“Facebook Prayers,” “Cell Phone Prayers.”)

If your goal is praying without ceasing, she has ideas for that, too (“Stoplight Prayer,” “Bumper Sticker Prayer.”)

She encourages us to go beyond words and experiment with painting, drawing, dancing, or creating a collage of our prayers. She stretches us to try different prayer postures. She challenges us to pray for people we might not ordinarily think of praying for.

I don’t know Adena. We only briefly met through Facebook. But she feels like a friend. I hope you will check out what she has to say at



One thought on “How Do I Pray? Let Me Count the Ways!

  1. Judy Niednagel says:

    Thanks, friend! I will definitely check out Adena’s blog!

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