What Do You Want for Christmas?

It’s not real unusual for God to ask me questions. But I really wasn’t expecting the one that came the other day. True, I was talking to Him, but about something else. He abruptly changed the subject with this out-of-the-blue question: What do you want for Christmas?

“Excuse me? Did I hear that right?”

Yes, child, what would you like for Me to do for you for Christmas?

I was surprised, of course. In spite of the fact that prayer is, at its most basic level, about talking to God about what we need, I really wasn’t thinking about giving Him a Christmas wish list. But here He was, inviting me to ask.

I knew right away that the gift He had in mind wasn’t on the “Top Gifts for 2013” lists—stuff like Keurig brewers, iPads, and anything with the North Face® insignia. No, God is into giving gifts of the more imperishable kind. He also likes to give gifts that we could never buy (or make happen) for ourselves. And, because He’s such a good Father, He likes to give us gifts that He knows will fit and serves us well.

It didn’t take me long to decide what I really wanted. It is something that I cannot buy for myself and I cannot make it happen—I know because I’ve tried! Humanly speaking, it is pretty much impossible. Because it’s so impossible, I have all but stopped praying about it. Instead, I pray a kind of “help me endure, help me cope, build my character in this disappointing situation.”

But it would be easy for God to give me this particular gift. What I want is right and good. It would please Him to give it to me, I have no doubt about that. In fact, He would have as much pleasure watching me enjoy this gift as I would have enjoying it.

Nevertheless, I have no idea how He might accomplish it. I cannot begin to imagine how He could pull this off. But the Christmas story is all about impossible. God becomes Man? A virgin bears a child? Angels announce the news to shepherds? Wise men follow a star to Bethlehem? Christmas is all about impossible.

So I asked. I said, “Father, what I’d really like for Christmas is . . .”  and I told Him the longing of my heart. Of course He already knew . . . and I think maybe that’s why He asked me in the first place.

How about you? What do you want from God for Christmas this year? Will you ask Him for it?


6 thoughts on “What Do You Want for Christmas?

  1. Louisa Hill says:

    Really blessed me as I had been praying about a need and a desire for a Christmas miracle and had stopped believing and praying when I wasn’t seeing the Answer. Now my hope is restored, and I’m praying and believing again that just as The Christmas Story is about the impossible, God is yet able to do the impossible. My need and desire are not too hard for God. He specializes in doing the impossible. Lord, I believe I receive! Thank you in advance for my Christmas miracle.

  2. melissa herrera says:

    Hi Cynthia,
    I found this very thoughtful! I think God is always eager to know our requests, to encourage us to seek more of Him and get to know Him more intimately. It’s mind blowing for me that the One who created heaven and earth would come and ask me what do I want for Christmas! This will definitely help me to put things in the right place in my heart and begin to ask for things of the “imperishable kind”. Thanks so much!
    Melissa-Vzla 🙂

  3. Ferree says:

    This means so much—to think that God would bend low to ask us what we want for Christmas. I never thought about it like that. In a way, he’s always asking; he always cares. But this makes it so personal and applicable. Would you mind if I copied some of the beginning of it on my blog, in order to lead my readers here? I think it’d really encourage them this Christmas. And I pray you’ll find the answer to your request along with many other blessings under the tree this year.

    • cbezek says:

      Thank you, Ferree. I do believe He wants us to ask. He´s such a good Abba! And yes, I´d be honored to have you use some of my blog in yours. Thank you!

      • Ferree says:

        Thank you Cynthia, I’ll refer to it and link on Saturday. And I’ll be wondering myself what I’d ask God for. Matthew 7:7 almost scares me. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m ready for all God has to offer. 🙂

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