Jesus, I Admire You

I love Jesus. I worship God. I depend on the Holy Spirit. Still, I’m sometimes tongue-tied in corporate prayer times when the leader asks us to “just express your praise to God.” Even in private prayer sometimes I find it hard to find words for worship.

I think I have a hang up about sounding forced. When I express love to a family member or friend, I want it to be spontaneous and real. I wouldn’t want them to feel that I was saying something affirming just because it was expected of me. And I feel the same way about God. I don’t want to say nice things about Him just for the sake of saying nice things about Him—I want my adoration to be authentic, not something I muster up because I’m supposed to.

I’m not saying my approach is right. I’d rather be like some people I know who are fountains of praise for God. His attributes flow joyfully from their mouths in ways that seem very natural to me. I’m just saying that I’m not like that.

But I’ve been asking God to help me be a better worshiper, and He is answering. One thing He showed me a few months ago was that I do very genuinely admire Jesus. When I read the gospels, I often pause and say something like, “Wow, Jesus, that’s really cool! I really admire how You did that!” And I mean it. My admiration for Him could not be more real. Here are some examples:

  • One of the things I admire most about Jesus is the way He perfectly balanced grace and truth, truth and love. He never erred on one side or the other. He was always perfect grace, perfect truth. I really admire that about You Jesus!
  • I think it’s amazing how smart Jesus is! The Pharisees were forever trying to trap Him in His words, but He was always a step ahead of them. He always gave the perfect answer. Jesus, I admire how incredibly smart You are!
  • I love it how Jesus always noticed the person standing on the sidelines. Whether they were hiding in the crowd, being rebuked by the crowds, being turned away by the disciples, or straining to see Jesus from the branches of a tree they’d climbed, Jesus saw them. Nobody is “on the fringe” in Your eyes, Jesus. You see us all and You really care. I admire that about You!
  • I think it is really cool how Jesus knew and understood what people were thinking, and told them so. You know what I’m thinking, too, Jesus, and I admire that about You.
  • Jesus is always such an encourager. He calls out the best from people. He helps us do things we never would be able to do without Him. Jesus, I love that about You, too!

Do you see what I mean? When I observe Jesus, either in the pages of the Bible, or in the way He works in my life, I can’t help but admire Him. So one way I can worship Him is by simply telling Him all the reasons I admire Him.

What are some of the things you admire most about Jesus?


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