Call to Prayer

I’m something of a rebel, technologically speaking. My phone isn’t “smart” like other people’s. I learned to text on my basic phone long after my friends had moved on to third-generation iPhones and androids. I don’t have an iPad or tablet. I don’t know how to tweet, and I recently had to ask a 20-something what it means to “hash tag.”

That said, I am learning that technology can be helpful for many things—including prayer. Recently I asked a friend to pray about something for me. She asked me how many days I wanted her to pray about it. Her reason? She was going to use Google Calendar to have my prayer request sent to her at a certain time each day. That way she would not forget.

Fascinated, I looked into it for myself. Remember, I’m no technical wizard. I can barely use my VCR’s remote control. However, I went to the website (, played around with it for just a couple of minutes, and before I knew it, my phone (my dumb phone, that is) was alerting me to a text message. It reminded me to pray about the request I’d entered.

Isn’t that cool? If one of the teen girls in my Bible study has a test at a certain time on a certain day, I can plug that into my Google calendar, and I’ll get a text reminding me to pray for her. If a friend is traveling or having a medical procedure, I can plug the date and time in—even weeks ahead—and I won’t forget to pray because Google and Verizon will team up to remind me. If I want to pray for my pastor every week, I can arrange for a text to remind me to do that.

For centuries Benedictine religious orders have rung bells at set times throughout the day to call the monks to prayer. I find that concept appealing. But, I live in a city neighborhood, not a monastic asylum. So I’m glad I have a cell phone that can call me to prayer.






4 thoughts on “Call to Prayer

  1. Great post! What does it mean to “hash tag?”

  2. Judy says:

    I have enjoyed many of your posts but this one is most useful. I can hardly wait to learn how to do this on my own phone!

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