God Is Not Stuck

A couple of friends and I were talking recently about some tough situations we’d each been in for a while. We took turns sharing how we’d been praying about these situations and trying to do the things we sensed the Lord telling us to do. God had been working in our hearts, teaching us, reassuring us, growing us—but as far as our prayer requests were concerned, nothing seemed to be changing.

I commented that because I resonated so well with their struggle, it would be easy for me to pray for them. They felt the same about praying for me. So we decided to pray together. I started, praying with genuine empathy and understanding because I have been living with unmet longings very similar to what they have. Then they each prayed, too. One of the two, I’ll call her Vicki, got quiet, mid-prayer. I could tell that she was listening to God. After a considerable pause, she began again.

“God, I know that You are not stuck. No matter how hard these situations seem to us, You are not stuck. You never have been stuck, You never will be. You know the way through this because You are the Way!”

When Vicki stated those simple truths about God, it was as if a cloud lifted off me. Before she made those declarations, I had felt that our prayers were not much more than begging, pining, and pleading. We were praying from the discouragement of how things appeared to be. But after she reminded us all of who God is, my prayers seemed to sprout wings. I felt confident that God really was at work. That the “stuckedness” I had felt now seemed only to be a delay; it’s not God’s time yet. He’s not stuck, so it just must not be the kairos moment.

That was a month ago. I still don’t see many signs of external change, but when I start to get discouraged again, I remember Vicki’s declaration: “God is not stuck!” and my faith renews.


One thought on “God Is Not Stuck

  1. Carol Ditton says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Wonderful reminder to all of us that God is not stuck and we continue in hope for His answer.

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