This Post Is Not Political

I promise, this post is not political. But what I’m going to write about was triggered by political bumper stickers, and it does offer hope in uncertain political times.

I was sitting behind a bumper sticker-covered car at a red light, reading the slogans and wise cracks plastered all over the rear of the vehicle. The thought came to me, Pray for those who counsel the people in elected office.

That sounded like the Lord, so I stuck with the thought. Who are those people? I wondered. I don’t even know their names! We don’t get to vote for them. But what tremendous influence they have!

My thoughts turned to governments in Bible times. During the thousands of years covered in biblical history, there were far more godless leaders than good ones, yet God was not the least bit hindered from carrying out His sovereign plans. I thought of some of His incredible methods: promote a slave from Israel into Egypt’s second-in-command; position a young man from an exiled nation into the king’s court and give him favor with the king; cause the adopted uncle of the new queen to be noticed at just the right time. Yup, Joseph, Daniel, and Mordecai were all highly unlikely candidates to be the closest confidants of pagan kings—yet God put them in those positions, and their counsel turned the course of history.

Pondering God’s ways with Egypt, Babylon, and Persia through His hand-picked servants, Joseph, Daniel, and Mordecai, encourages me. Truly, “the king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases” (Prov. 21:1). And one of the ways He can do that is by giving godly counselors favor and influence with people in power. So, while I’m still praying about how to vote, I’m also praying for the men and women behind the scenes, the unlikely people that God may use to turn leader’s hearts toward His kingdom purposes. Lord, raise up another Daniel, Esther, or Joseph!



One thought on “This Post Is Not Political

  1. Kathy Hatfield says:

    My heart says, “Yes, give us another Daniel, Esther, Mordecai!” But then I felt it also responding rather quietly, “But please, not me.” Sigh. Lord help me live out the life you have for me, and not the one of my own “making.”

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