Listening to God for Others

I visited a friend’s church this past weekend and was blessed. Literally. What I mean is, my friend wanted me to meet her pastor and his wife, so she introduced me after the service. After the usual exchange of greetings, Pastor Mike asked if he, Cindy his wife, and my friend could bless me. Well, I’m never one to pass up an opportunity to be blessed, so of course I said yes.

The three of them laid hands on me then Mike began. “Lord, we’d like to bless Cynthia today. Is there anything You want to say to her through us?” They waited silently. After a minute or two, Cindy, the pastor’s wife, spoke. She had had seen a picture of me tending my garden. I was looking carefully to see if any of the seeds I’d planted were growing. God wanted me to know, she said, that they were indeed growing. That they would bloom, multiply, and bear lots of fruit. She also shared a scripture that the Holy Spirit had brought to mind.

Then Pastor Mike spoke. He had seen a different picture, but it had a similar meaning: The things I have been praying and working for are happening—even if I cannot see them yet. He said the enemy wanted to discourage me so I’d give up, but I must hang onto hope.

Finally, my friend spoke. While Cindy had been speaking, she had heard from the Lord that the seeds I’d planted in one specific situation—one very near to my heart for which I’ve been praying for years—were growing and would bear fruit.

Well, I probably don’t need to say how much these encouraging words bolstered my hope. Each picture, verse, and word resonated with me—these were all things the Lord had been saying to me already. But what wonderful confirmation to hear them from people I didn’t even know!

But wait, it gets better. That afternoon I got as surprise phone call. Casually, the caller told me something my heart has been waiting to hear for years. What he shared showed me that my friend had heard right—the situation so near to my heart that I’ve been praying about for so long—God is working! Big time! I think I smiled for hours after hanging up.

I have to admit that even though I’m a huge proponent of listening prayer, I don’t often use it to bless others. But after being on the receiving end of such powerful ministry, I think I’d like to change that! How about the rest of you? Do you listen to God and bless others with what He shares? I’d love to hear about it!



2 thoughts on “Listening to God for Others

  1. Lorraine Willems says:

    I too received a blessing from Pastor Mike and Cindy and their friend, and it freed me to use some giftings that I had never recognized before. The use of three in a team for blessing is very important because when they each listen for God’s message and then share it with the one being blessed, the unity of the message reveals that God is speaking. Thanks for sharing – it brought back warm memories for me.

  2. David Brownlee says:

    Enjoyed reading this blog Cynthia! God does confirm things for us through others. Of course we must verify what we are spoken with God’s Word and make sure it resonates with us and the Fathers leading. There are several instances in my life where I wish I would have listened to what God was speaking through another to me. Had I, this would of saved a world of heartache. God is faithful though, and saw me through these times. When I have listened, prayed and sought God about what was spoken to me it is a true blessing, like a nice refreshing glass of ice tea to my spirit.

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