Have You Prayed for Your Waiter Today?

My friend Colin is one of the most enthusiastic pray-ers I know. If you were to ask him to describe the most fun he’s ever had, I am pretty sure his answer would involve praying for someone.

Granted, Colin is an extrovert who could probably make conversation with a hubcap. We’re not all wired that way. Still, he shared an experience he had the other day that inspired an introvert like me—and maybe it will inspire you, too.

Like many of us, Colin practices the habit of thanking God for his food—even when he is in a public place such as a restaurant. But Colin sometimes adds this next step: As the wait person is taking the order, he asks him or her (“her” in this case), “Shelly (name changed), we are going to ask a blessing on our food; if there was one thing we could pray for you tonight what would it be?” Shelly may have been surprised by Colin’s offer, but Colin wasn’t surprised when she actually did give a prayer request—for her young son. And so Colin and his wife prayed for her little boy. And it was a rich moment for all involved. As is always true about prayer, there’s more to the story—but not room here to tell it.

Mostly, I just wanted to share with you this simple idea for how to reach out to people who may not have anyone else to pray for them.

How about you? If you try this idea, let me know how it goes. Or if you have other ways that you pray for people outside your comfort zone of church and Christian community, I’d love to hear about those, too. Your story will be an encouragement to all of us.

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